10/02/18 – Crisis Communications: The Truth Shall Set You Free

10/02/18 From PRMuseum:

PRMuseum Summer School Series, 2018
Session VI: Crisis Communications: The Truth Shall Set You Free

In this session, top crisis PR expert Mike Paul, president of Reputation Doctor® LLC, will share his psychological and truth-telling philosophy of crisis communications and reputation management in a one hour session. It will include:

-Reputation Doctor® Bricks: the backbone of every crisis PR program

-The competitive advantage of excellent intelligence-gathering and due-diligence

-The important difference between the court of law and the court of public opinion

-Why EQ is one of the strongest tools in the profession

-How spin and lies have diminishing returns for the long-term

-A few fictionalized (“true to life”) war stories

A Q&A and networking reception will follow the event session.

When: Tuesday, October 23, 6:00–8:00 PM
Where: WeWork, 85 Broad Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10004

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09/19/18 – There Is a Big Difference Between An Image and A Reputation

@reputationdr @repdocllc #RepDoc #Quote:

“There is a big difference between an #image and a #reputation. An image is usually short term and fake, just like an image on a pond. You can put your hand through it. An excellent reputation is built with my 6 Reputation Doctor® #Bricks which include truth, honesty, humility, transparency, accountability, and consistency.  This bricks help build an excellent reputation for the long term. The bricks help people and organizations build improved #character which gains lasting #trust.”

07/26/18 – Mike Paul interviewed regarding the Jimmy Garoppolo scandal

7/26/18 From Sporting News:

“…But one sports marketing expert thinks Garoppolo, the NFL’s new golden boy, has put his own brand at risk, not to mention the brands of the 49ers and the league. Sports is still big business, with a B as in billions, warns Mike “The Reputation Doctor” Paul.

Garoppolo is the new leader of one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises. With Peyton Manning retired and Tom Brady on his last legs, the NFL views Garoppolo as the next potential face of the league. If Garoppolo wants to follow in the multi-million-dollar footsteps of Madison Avenue endorsers like Manning, Brady and Cam Newton, then the more “family-friendly” his image, the better, according to the president of Reputation Doctor LLC. The same goes for the images of the team and the league.

‘There’s benefits to being family-friendly. The more family-friendly you are, the more opportunity you have to have sponsors,’ said Paul, who’s worked with many pro athletes. ‘If you’re blocking sponsors because you’re dating a porn star, that’s not good for you. Or the team. Or the league.’

Given the two-year controversy over NFL players kneeling in protest of social justice during the national anthem, Paul doubts the league also wants to rub Garoppolo’s adult-film star girlfriend in the faces of family values-oriented fans who view pornography as ‘unsavory at best and illegal at worst.”

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