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REP VIDEO: Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, Comments on Penn State’s Reputation and Rape Scandal

Penn State Officials Planning Coach Paterno’s Exit, Report Says :


Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, Comments on Occupy Wall Street’s Media Strategy

Occupy Wall Street Media Strategy:


Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor®, Discusses the Netflix Crisis!

The Reputation Doctor® Launches The 2-Hour Reputation Counseling Session

PR Veteran Mike Paul Launches New Reputation Management Service Called
The Reputation Doctor® 2-Hour Counseling Session

NEW YORK – MGP & Associates PR launched a new reputation management consulting service today called The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Counseling Session for the low, introductory price of only $950. The one-on-one counseling session with crisis and reputation management veteran Mike Paul offers a significant savings over his usual hourly rate of $850 per hour, plus expenses. The low introductory rate offers a total savings of $750.

“This new reputation counseling service is exclusive and only offered by MGP & Associates PR,” said Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor® and president & senior counselor at MGP & Associates PR. “No other public relations firm in the world offers a reputation management counseling session similar to this, which is like visiting your therapist, but focused solely on improving your reputation.”

The Reputation Doctor® 2-Hour Counseling Session will benefit two types of organizational and individual clients:

1) Those seeking immediate short-term help on a limited budget. Especially in today’s economy, there are many times when organizations or individuals need immediate counseling to find a solution for a challenging reputation problem and are not interested in a long-term contract. The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Counseling Session allows an organization or individual to obtain reputation counseling from the top expert in just two hours. Additional sessions are available upon request.

2) Those seeking to engage a reputation management consultant but prefer to ensure quality of service and compatibility prior to signing a long-term agreement.
Trusting the counsel of your consultant is crucial to the success of a long-term relationship. The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Counseling Session allows clients to “kick the tires” and “test drive” MGP & Associates PR’s reputation management services before signing a long-term agreement, especially for larger, more complicated reputation problems which require more counseling time.

A few examples of reputation challenges that can be addressed during The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Counseling Session include:

For Individuals -

• Fighting for your reputation in a legal battle.
• Overcoming reputation issues associated with a divorce.
• Conquering reputation issues at work.
• Improving your reputation at home and with your family.

For Corporations or Organizations –

• Overcoming a reputation for fraud or wrongdoing.
• Fighting for your reputation in a legal battle.
• Transitioning from a CEO with reputation problems to a new CEO unknown to employees and customers.
• Improving the corporate reputation by stopping hurtful internal rumors and other damaging internal communication problems.

“I disagree with those who say public relations consulting is about placing media stories and spin,” said Mike Paul. Mr. Paul has always believed the public relations profession is more about counseling and truly changing behavior to improve reputations. “Our profession has as many specialties as the professions of law and medicine; crisis and reputation management have their roots in psychology and changing ineffective or destructive habits,” continued Paul.

The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Counseling Session is a powerful tool in reputation management because it provides a concrete and focused prescription for repairing your reputation. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™ To make a confidential appointment for The Reputation Doctor® Two-Hour Session, please call 212-595-8500 or email


MGP & Associates PR, a leading, virtual, public relations firm, was founded in 1994 in NYC by industry leader Mike Paul, known globally as The Reputation Doctor® and the award-winning firm services leading clients worldwide. MGP & Associates PR helps build, maintain and repair the reputations of leading organizations and public individuals. Clients include global corporations, leading nonprofit and government organizations, as well as celebrities, politicians, professional athletes and more. Mr. Paul, a 22-year veteran in the counseling side of public relations, is considered one of the leading crisis PR and reputation management counselors in the world. For more info on MGP & Associates PR, visit

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Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

5 Reputation Management Tips for Small Businesses

Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™
















Your reputation is everything!™ I’m such a firm believer in that statement that I made it my company’s tagline. We’ve all seen major corporations lose billions of dollars, or even go out of business, because of reputation crises. And while it might be tempting to think it can never happen to you as a small business owner, I’m afraid to say it certainly can.

So do the right thing for your business and start with a reputation audit. You can’t begin unless you know what to look for, what to invest in, and what to change. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. The customer is always right.

Do you ask your customers if there’s anything you can do to improve your products or services? If the answer is “no,” you’re running the risk of having a reputation in crisis. Prepare yourself for hearing negative feedback and humbly accept it, fix it, and communicate the change back to your customers.

2. Online reviews can make or break a small business.

With an abundance of popular online review sites like Yelp and Citysearch, customer satisfaction has more accountability than ever. Trying to manipulate these sites won’t work. The best solution is to exceed customer expectations and treat them better than you treat your own family. Many small businesses say they are accountable to their customers and other stakeholders, but few are consistent.

3. Boundaries and rules are very important for all staff.

Don’t succumb to informal rules, guidelines, and processes—even if family and friends are running your business. Develop clear job descriptions and make employees understand their responsibilities. Hold them accountable with clear, weekly communication to ensure they’re carrying them out. Do so humbly and listen actively to their concerns. Employee feedback is important to a successful small business. Make sure the lines of communication are clear, open and a two-way street.

4. Buy a ticket for the truth train.

The truth is crucially important for a small business. Being truthful is your bond and the lifeblood of your business. Don’t ever lie to your customers, your staff, your vendors – and most importantly – yourself. Be mindful that your reputation resides in the minds of others. Your integrity and character are the backbone of your business.

5. Follow your reputation bricks.

Having counseled various clients worldwide, I developed the “6 Reputation Bricks” to help build, maintain, and repair a company’s business reputation. Truth, honesty, humility, transparency, accountability, and consistency comprise the list and will help you avoid the slippery slope of reputation crises.

Don’t forget your business is not the brick or mortar, the building, or the tools used to run your business. Your business is about people. When you don’t put them first, your business will suffer. Why? Because your reputation is everything.

Mike Paul is known globally as The Reputation Doctor®. He is considered one of the leading reputation experts in the world. You’ve seen him on TV as a top TV news commentator discussing reputations in crisis in the national and international news. He is also president and senior counselor of MGP & Associates PR based in New York.

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