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Duke Rape Case Update: How Important Is the Court of Public Opinion?

“It was scary,” Evans said. “I woke up from a nap to 10 police officers in my living room with a search warrant.” Said defendant David Evans on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

According to AP, the three members of Duke University’s lacrosse team charged with rape say they had expected DNA testing would clear them of a crime they insist they did not commit. “We were told it would help to clear everything up,” said Collin Finnerty, 20, who was interviewed on CBS’ “60 Minutes” along with Reade Seligmann, 20, and David Evans, 23. “So we were happy to go.”

“It was scary,” Evans said. “I woke up from a nap to 10 police officers in my living room with a search warrant. I went through every part of it – told’em where they could find things and that we’d fully cooperate and answer any questions they had.” Defense attorneys, who have insisted their clients are innocent, declined requests in recent weeks from The Associated Press for interviews with the indicted players.

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Duke University’s Reputation in Crisis

“They need presidents, they need administrators, they need faculty, to tell them that it was wrong behavior and that they are not going to be coddled because they are athletes, because they come from privileged backgrounds, because they have money.”
Comments from Duke graduate student Michelle Christian complaining that Duke University officials continue to downplay the alleged rape and beating of an African-American woman by three players on the Duke lacrosse team.

Duke University’s highly-ranked lacrosse team was recently suspended from play while many of the team’s members face an ongoing rape investigation.

The police inquiry stems from allegations made by an exotic dancer who says that she was raped, choked and beaten by three members of the lacrosse team during a private party held by team members. The woman said that the incident occurred on March 13 in a university-owned home that is occupied by three of the team’s four captains.

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