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5 Tips to Help Executives Create an Ethical and Responsible Culture

“If ugly things can get swept under the rug, they will, which is why it is essential that organizations have a comprehensive system in place for getting out in front of small problems before they become big problems.” Commented Alice Peterson an expert in ethics and corporate governance.

According to Syrus Global, from Hollinger to Enron, much has been reported about corporate scandals and poor ethical decisions, but the debate continues as to whether the wrongs were caused by a few bad apples or a culture of playing fast and loose. Alice Peterson, expert and president of ethics and corporate governance firm Syrus Global, offers five tips to help executives and corporate boards avoid being the focus of the next scandal to hit the headlines.… Read the rest

Ken Lay Courthouse truth photo

Enron Juror Shares Truthful Reputation

“Be truthful, no matter what the consequences. It always comes out in the end.” Commented Freddy Delgado, former Enron trial juror and Houston elementary school principal, as he recently spoke to a class of high school government students.

According the Houston Chronicle, the speaker asked the following question: “How many of you know about Enron?” The teens sat as still as mannequins, their eyes assiduously studying the wood grain of the tables in the Davis High School library in Houston. Nary a hand rose. “OK,” Freddy Delgado acknowledged. “No one.”

Friday was Enron day at the Texan school as Delgado, principal of Golfcrest Elementary, shared his experiences as a juror in the trial of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling with students in Robert Lee’s senior U.S.… Read the rest

Liz Tayor on Larry King

Elizabeth Taylor Defends Her Reputation on CNN’s Larry King Live

“Oh my God. Am I dead? Am I alive?” Said Elizabeth Taylor, the 74-year-old legendary actress this week on CNN’s Larry King Live to defend her reputation.

According to E! Entertainment, Elizabeth Taylor is speaking out against tabloid “death watch” reports that she’s gravely ill and fighting a losing battle—or any battle—with Alzheimer’s disease.

In her first television interview in three years, the legendary Dame scoffed at the rumors on Larry King Live Tuesday night, claiming she’s never suffered from the debilitating disease and that reports to the contrary are simply “dirty.”

“Oh, come on, do I look like I’m dying?” she said on the CNN show. “Do I look like or sound like I have Alzheimer’s?”… Read the rest

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Reputation Message to Ken Lay: Thou Shall Not Steal!

“I firmly believe I’m innocent of the charges against me. We believe that God, in fact, is in control and indeed he does work all things for good for those who love the Lord.” Comments from Ken Lay minutes after he was found guilty of conspiracy, lying, bank fraud and insider trading in the largest corporate crisis in U.S. history. The collapse of Enron, which wiped out more than $89 billion in market value, also left 5,600 employees jobless and owed at least $1 billion in benefits.

According to A.P. and the San Francisco Chronicle the Enron boys will spend the rest of their lives in prison. From comfy corner offices, they engaged in chicanery that fleeced shareholders and pensioners. When misconduct was exposed, their company unraveled with breathtaking speed.… Read the rest

DiPiero RC Missing

Royal Caribbean’s Reputation In Further Crisis – Another Person Goes Overboard and Presumed Dead!

“I don’t know why the 8 hour difference.” Comments from Coast Guard Petty Officer Dana Warr on learning Royal Caribbean’s digital cameras saw Daniel DiPiero go overboard about 8 hours before officially contacting law enforcement.

According to the Associated Press, the air and sea search for a 21-year-old cruise ship passenger who fell overboard while the ship steamed from Florida to the Bahamas was called off Wednesday afternoon.

Security camera footage from the Royal Caribbean ship Mariner of the Seas showed Daniel DiPiero falling overboard about 2 a.m. Monday. A review of ship camera footage last showed DiPiero Monday on the fourth deck, leaning on a rail near the front of the ship, Coast Guard Petty Officer Dana Warr said.… Read the rest

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